WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Miami Vice (30ML)

Miami Vice (30ML)

Classic Tobacco Menthol (30ML)

Classic Tobacco Menthol (30ML)

Flight (30ML)

Brand: Vapor Shark
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Flight is our take on the popular energy drink that everyone loves, without the uncomfortable jitters. The combination of citrus flavors mixed with some sweet and herbal notes is sure to create a satisfying vaping experience.

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Are you looking for the taste of energy drinks that were so popular back in college? Want to be reminded of that burst of energy you got from sipping on the citrusy soft drink-like flavor that made you get up and go again? That's what you get from our Flight E-Liquid.

The flavor of energy drinks was the inspiration for our Flight Ultra Premium E-Liquid. A rush of juicy, sweet flavor combined with herbal notes will remind you of that boost of energy you got from the original energy drink, without the irritating jitters brought on by the boost of caffeine and sugar. Our Flight e-liquid only imitates the taste .What are you waiting for? This innovative flavor is sure to give you an exciting vaping experience.

We know and understand your love for soft drink blends, which is why we offer more than just our Flight Vapor Shark® Premium E-Liquid with our line of soft drink flavored e-liquid blends. For a classic sweet-and-spicy taste of Americana, try our Root Beer Premium E-Liquid. Alternatively, try Mountain Dude if you're looking for a taste of lemon lime.

We at Vapor Shark® take pride in creating the very best flavors for our Ultra Premium E-Liquid blends. Just like microbreweries, we make sure to give the best attention to detail on all of our processes to produce a wide variety of flavors . We use only the finest American-made ingredients to create our products. To make sure we provide you the best vaping experience, we never skimp on flavor. By following strict quality control standards, we make sure that all of our products are produced with care and safety, so that our e-liquid blends are able to deliver nicotine in a fun, delicious, and safe manner. All of our flavors are available in different nicotine levels, guaranteed to give you a satisfying vaping experience ..

Find out more about our different flavors and products by clicking here. Check out our retail outlets for a chance to taste and test our premium products.

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