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Vape Shield Terms

Vape Shield is a water repellent, not waterproof, layer applied to an electronic cigarette device via an electrical plasma. This treatment is designed to add an extra measure of liquid and corrosion resistance to the internal electrical components. It is not intended to waterproof the device, nor make the device impervious to liquid damage. Intentional submersion or saturation of the device; as well as prolonged contact with liquids can damage the device. For these reasons, Vapor Shark makes no warranty or claims regarding the treatment or the treated device as pertains to damage caused by liquid. Furthermore, in rare instances, the coating process may result in visual surface variations or discoloring; known as shadowing, on the surfaces of the device. We do not warranty devices for any shadowing or aesthetic variations caused as a result of the Vape Shield treatment or process. Your device will be returned to you with insurance on the package. Vapor Shark Electronic Cigarettes, Inc strongly suggests that you insure the package when you ship it. Vapor Shark provides no warranty for devices that are lost or damaged during shipping, or while in our custody.

Hold Harmless Waiver:

I indemnify and hold harmless Vapor Shark Electronic Cigarettes Inc, and it's officers and employees from and against any claims, damages, losses and expenses, as they pertain to damage or loss of my device while in the custody of the above named.