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In the event of contact with liquid: In the event that your Vape Shield treated device is accidentally exposed to, or submerged in liquid; there are some specific steps you should take to minimize the possibility of damage to your device. Never attempt to dry out your device in an oven, or by using any other heat source. 1. Remove the device from the water as quickly as possible. Do not push any buttons or attempt to power on the device. 2. If your device has a replaceable battery, remove the battery and battery enclosure cover from the device. If you feel comfortable with disassembling your device, do so. If you do not feel comfortable with disassembling your device, a can of compressed air can be used to blow the majority of the water out of the device. 3. Fill a container with enough dry, uncooked rice to be able to completely submerge your device. Submerge your device in the rice and seal the container. 4. Allow your device to stay in the rice for a minimum of 24 hours (48 hours is preferable). After your device has completely dried out, reassemble if necesarry, and use your device as normal