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Standard Electronic Cigarettes vs. Fusion

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Standard E-Cigs may look and feel more like tobacco cigarettes, but for a new customer making the switch from tobacco cigarettes it’s important to have the best performing E-Cig available.

At the advent of electronic cigarettes, standard e-cigs were the only models available. Since then, a variety of improved models have been created to upgrade the vaping experience, causing fewer people to go back to smoking. We always suggest choosing a Fusion. Here’s why:

1. Easier to fill.

Standard E-Cigs can be refilled one of two ways. You can either switch out the cartridge completely, or do your best at filling the tiny mouth piece with E-Liquid. This can be a time consuming process.

The Fusion makes refilling a cinch. Simply unscrew the top and squeeze the E-Liquid into the tank. The opening of the Fusion allows for an easier refill and holds about 3ml of E-Liquid which is three to four times the capacity of Standard E-Cigs.

2. Longer Battery Life

Few things are more aggravating than grabbing your E-Cig and discovering the battery is dead. Standard E-Cigs need to be charged multiple times a day, leaving you empty-handed.

The battery life of a Fusion lasts all day. When the time does come to recharge, plug in your USB passthrough cord to your battery. This allows for continued vaping while it charges.

3. Higher Performance

Standard E-Cigarettes manage to minimize nicotine craving, but if you’re looking for a superior vaping experience that will help replace a cigarette habit, the Fusion is where it’s at. For smokers, vapor production is key. No one wants to take a puff only to see a tiny stream of vapor when they exhale.

The Fusion produces thick billowing vapor clouds which is not synonymous with throat irritation. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our improved model gives you the vapor production and throat hit you’re looking for without any distress to your throat. It’s a very smooth, enjoyable vaping experience.

4. Improved Flavor

We create our Premium E-Liquids using only the highest quality, American-made ingredients. The result is a wide variety of delicious flavors. The Fusion’s new replaceable wicking system allows you to taste the rainbow of Premium Vapor Shark flavors like never before. It’s the most effective method of delivering a pure unadulterated taste.

5. Cost Effective

In order to refill a Standard E-Cig you will most likely end up buying new cartridges. Refilling the E-Liquid through the itty bitty mouthpiece proves to be far too tedious and time consuming.

With the Fusion you end up spending far less time and money. Buying a bottle of E-Liquid will last much longer and costs less because there are no disposable cartridges to purchase over and over. Buying a bottle of liquid is easier on your pocket and the environment.