Introducing the all new rDNA 60. Our DNA family of devices began a tradition of placing unprecedented technology in the palm of your hand. This legacy continues in our most modern Evolv powered device. A singularly unique experience - the familiar style conceals an impressive array of bleeding-edge features and intelligent power together in perfect balance. The classically modern rDNA 60 unlocks the door to a new era of performance, efficiency, and satisfaction.
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The original Vapor Shark DNA is credited with bringing high-performance vaping to the mainstream and remains an iconic symbol of the smoke-free revolution. We’re doing it again. That transformative spirit lives on in the highly anticipated rDNA 60.

Performance Evolved

The rDNA 60 is singlehandedly evolving the traditional power landscape. Capable of delivering up to 60 watts at 9 volts, while Evolv's Escribe software provides nearly limitless customization.

You're In Charge

The rDNA 60 gives you options. Featuring three convenient methods including 2 amp Zip charging, the ability to manually switch batteries, and advanced Qi wireless charging.

Built To Last

A fully automated six phase finishing process insures that the rugged multilayered coating of the rDNA 60 withstands the test of time.

Power To Spare

The Evolv DNA 60 chipset maximizes power and battery efficiency while offering an array of modern performance enhancements.

The Perfect Fit

The classic three button layout and signature bottom oriented screen are hallmarks of the Vapor Shark DNA family. Traditional style with modern ergonomics.

Vapor Shark Strong

Crafted from Zinc-Aluminum alloy for maximum durability. The rDNA 60 will meet and exceed your requirements for an all day (and all night) device.

Start Smart

The most responsive chipset created to date combined with accurate and precise temperature sensing and limiting technology compatible with all modern coil materials.

Future Proof

Upgradable firmware combined with the powerful Escribe software suite provides the ability to upgrade your device and customize nearly every aspect of your vaping experience.

You're Covered

We stand behind our products with a 120 day warranty against all manufacturer defects so that you can have a great vape and peace of mind, guaranteed.

Finish First!

As our devices and technology have evolved over time, so have our finishes. Our goal has always been to create a finish that is timeless, classic, and durable. These goals are accomplished through a state-of-the-art multilayer coating that is applied to every rDNA 60 device. Through a controlled automated method, these coatings are applied in six separate phases to ensure rich, elegant depth and bulletproof adhesion.

Quality control testing occurs at multiple critical stages during the process to guarantee that the final result is as durable as it is attractive. The final stage of the process applies a rugged rubberized coating that delivers an incredible look and feel, while enhancing the stellar ergonomics of the device. The culmination of these methods, design, and testing result in a finish that’s truly built to last.