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The Fusion® Atomizer Refilling & Maintenance Guide

Refilling Your Fusion Clearomizer

Start by removing the mouthpiece then the metal top, and set it aside. Begin to fill by placing the tip on the side of the tank, making sure to avoid getting any liquid in the center hole ( inside the atomizer head ). Proceed to fill the tank to the 2.8 ml line. Recap the tank with the metal top, and reinsert the mouthpiece and you’re ready to vape!

Replacing Your Atomizer Head

Depending on how often you use your electronic cigarette, you'll want to change your atomizer head every 3-6 weeks. Start by removing the mouthpiece then the metal top and set it aside. If there is any liquid in the tank, pour it into a cup and set it aside, so that it can be reused later. Unscrew the tube from the base so that the stem with the atomizer head ( wick ) is exposed. Take off the old atomizer head and screw in a new one making sure it is hand tight. Place two drops of e-liquid into the center of the atomizer head to prime the atomizer head. Screw the tube back onto the base and fill the tank back up to the 2.8 ml line.  After filling, recap the metal top and reinsert the mouthpiece. Once the tank is properly sealed, turn the tank upside down for about 10 seconds so that the silica strands can be thoroughly saturated. Turn the tank right side up, and you’re ready to vape!