Fruit Monster Synthetic Strawberry Lime

Fruit Monster Synthetic Strawberry Lime

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Fruit Monster Synthetic Strawberry Lime

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Fruit Monster’s Synthetic line introduces vaping enthusiasts to the enjoyment of tobacco-free nicotine, all while delivering unmatched quality in flavor. Strawberry Lime is one of the most all-day-vape-worthy options for fans of bold berries and bright citrus.

Strawberry Lime from Fruit Monster (Synthetic) is a 100% tobacco-free vape juice with a flavor profile that’s positively bliss-inducing. The pairing of strawberries and limes is impossible to resist, as it offers that perfect balance between sweet and zesty, with lots of brightness to bring the taste buds into a state of utter euphoria.

The flavor opens up with the juicy strawberries that taste like they were picked fresh off of the vine, with a nectar that’s sweet without becoming cloying at any point. The spritz of tropical lime gives off a nice serving of citrus to entrance your taste buds further, leaving you feeling refreshed beyond words after every single puff of vapor.
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