WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

DNA Help Guide

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What is the warranty on the DNA and rDNA?

The Vapor Shark DNA™ and rDNA™ has a 120 day warranty that exists on manufacturing defects ONLY. The following examples are NOT included in the warranty. Usage based defects are issues caused by mistreatment and/or misuse of products. Usage based defects include, but are not limited to:
  • Devices that are dropped
  • Devices that have damages caused by water, E-liquid, and/or aqueous solutions
  • Devices that have been tampered with [Opening the VS DNA™ and rDNA™ (electrical components section) will void your warranty]
  • Devices that have been repaired by owner or third parties that are not Vapor Shark Technicians
  • Devices that are physically damaged; i.e. Buttons that been damaged due to excessive force, fried DNA boards due to reverse polarity, paint that has chipped, and/or damages caused by rebuildable tanks (It is the user's responsibility to know how to use their advanced rebuildable vaping equipment.)

Why does it display “Weak Battery” / “Check Battery”?

"Weak battery” / “Check Battery” is displayed when the DNA chip is awaken from hibernation state; It automatically goes into hibernation mode 4 minutes after the last moment of usage. This message is found on ALL DNA chipped devices and has nothing to do with the battery that is used to power the device.
  • Lock Mode: Click Fire Button 5x within 2 seconds. Locks / Unlocks all buttons.
  • Atty Lock: Hold + and - button for 2 seconds to Lock / Unlock wattage adjustment. When using the temperature sensing feature, this button combination locks the atomizer resistance.
  • Stealth Mode: Disable the screen by holding Fire and - button while in Lock Mode.
  • Left / Right Mode: Change screen orientation by holding Fire and + button while in Lock Mode.
  • Max Temperature In Lock Mode, hold + and - for 2 seconds to adjust max temperature. Press Fire button to save and exit menu.

Why is the DNA not reading the Ohms?

We were informed by Evolv, that this issue is a glitch in the DNA 20 chip. To resolve this issue, reboot the DNA by letting the battery drain completely from the device until the display shuts off. Once the battery indicator is emptied, set the DNA to the lowest setting (7.0 watts) and continue to click and hold the fire button until the display screen is blacked out. Then plug the micro USB charger into the DNA. You will know that the DNA20D chip has been properly reset upon plugging in the charging cable; 'Evolv' will be displayed on the screen during a fresh boot up.

What does “Check Atomizer” mean?

“Check Atomizer” is displayed when there is an issue with the atomizer head and/or when the atomizer head needs to be replaced.

If you're using a RTA ( Rebuildable Tank Atomizer ), i.e. a Kay-Fun or Russian 91%, you'll notice that the 5-10 stub on your rebuildable tank is quite a bit shorter than a standard tank; i.e. GLASS or Fusion. The "Check Atomizer" reading, in this case, is displayed because there is no positive (+) contact between the tank and the DNA battery. To resolve this issue, refer to the user manual of your RTA on how to adjust/extend the positive pin so that it will be just long enough to make contact with the positive of the 5-10 connector on the DNA.

Why is the Ohm readout flashing?

When the ohms read out flashes, it indicates that the voltage/wattage is set too low for the ohms you are using; this usually happens with sub ohm coils ( < 1.0 ohms ). Simply turn up the voltage/wattage until the blinking stops to find the base voltage/wattage for that sub ohm coil.