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DNA 200 Support

The DNA 200 chipset from Evolv is the latest and most feature filled chip to date. While having all the new features built into the device, there is also a lot to learn about how to function the device in order to give you the most customizable vape that suits you. From profiles to Escribe, this guide will step you through the functioning of the greatest device we have made to date.

Basic Functions straight out of the box:
While some of these options may be customizable through the EScribe software, the following will give you the basic operations of the device:

  • To Lock the device: Press the fire button 5 times and the Lock message will appear on the screen.
  • To Lock the wattage: Hold the + and - wattage buttons for 5 seconds until the Power Locked message appears on the screen.
  • To Lock the ohms of the atomizer: Lock the device then hold the fire button and + wattage button for 5 seconds until the message appears on the screen.
  • Stealth Mode (turn the screen off): Lock the device then hold the fire button and - wattage button for 5 seconds until the message appears on the screen.
  • Change temperature: Lock the device then hold the + and - wattage buttons for 5 seconds until the message appears on the screen.
  • Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius: While adjusting the temperature, scroll down from 200 Fahrenheit or 100 Celsius.
  • Turn temperature control off: While adjusting the temperature, scroll up until the screen displays OFF.
  • Change Profiles: While the wattage is locked, press the + or - wattage button twice and scroll through profiles with the + and - wattage buttons. Once the desired profile is selected, press the fire button to confirm selection.


With over 93 customizable options, you can obtain true power over your device to deliver the perfect vape for you. This section will help guide you through the features and how to adjust them to your liking.

To utilize the software please start by downloading the software for your PC below:

Standard EScribe:

SPI Escribe:

General Tab:

This is the section of Escribe that will allow you to create 8 profiles for your device. Each profile allows you to set wattages, temperatures and custom wire profiles for any atomizer, tank or different coils you have. The device already come pre loaded with profiles for the Kanger Subtank Ni200 coils, Aspire Atlantis Ni200 coils and Sense Herakles Ni200 coils. This tab also gives you access to the Restore Defaults and Atomizer Analyzer features. The Restore Defaults button will allow you to revert all settings back to our default settings programmed in our facility. The Atomizer Analyzer allows you to get a reading of your build down to the milliohms straight from your device.

Creating a profile:

To create a profile, start on the General Tab of Escribe, and choose a profile you wish for your profile to be. If only a name is designated to the profile, while scrolling through the profiles, it will read the profile number and the name. Alternatively, if you make an custom screen for the profile, that will appear instead. You will next set the Power, Temperature, and if you choose the Locked Ohms. The next section will apply for temperature control. The Preheat Power will allow you to set what wattage the device uses to heat the coils to the desired temperature. The Preheat Punch will determine at what temperature the device will stop using the Preheat Power and start the Power set on the device. The Preheat Time will also tell when the Preheat Power should stop being used. The Coil Material allows you to change between Ni200 wire and other wire materials. To import another coil material (such as Titanium and Stainless Steel), please visit Steam Engine (http://www.steam-engine.org/wirewiz.asp), input all the information for your coils, click the DNA200 tab and download the TFR table as CSV. Once downloaded, use the drop down in Escribe’s Coil Material on your profile and change it to Custom and press the Load CSV button and select the file downloaded in the previous step. Once completed, press the Upload Settings to Device at the top of the program.

Theme Tab:

This is the section of Escribe that will allow you to create custom screens for your device. Use the Load button to upload a black and white image sized 128 pixels by 32 pixels to the device and will appear in place of the screen you loaded the image on.

Screen Tab:

This is the section of Escribe where you can adjust what and how the display of the screen works. Orientation will flip the screen how you desire it to be. Error flashes will allow you to adjust how many times and how long the error will flash on the screen. Examples of the Error include the Temperature Protected and Max Kanthal Power Limit. Fields will allow you to customize what appears on the side of your screen while on the Status Screen while idle, firing or charging. The Brightness allows you to adjust how bright the screen is while firing, idle or charging and allows you to adjust the fade in and out of the screen brightness and how long the screen stays active and idle.

Mod Tab:

This is a section of Escribe that has already been adjusted and programmed by us during programming at our facilities. These should not be adjusted unless advised by our support staff. If you have any questions about any of the settings in this tab, please contact customer support.

Device Monitor:

You can access this part of Escribe with the button at the top of the Escribe software. This will open an additional window with all the real time information you would ever want about your device including : battery statistics and all the information about puffs while connected to the computer.

For additional information please watch the thorough review of the DNA 200 by PBusardo on YouTube: Video Links

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