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Through this process, Vapor Shark will be able to anticipate your Returns or Defective Returns and apply your credits as quickly as possible without having any grey area as to what is and is not returnable. See below for new parameters on what is considered "returnable" and how to determine what your restocking fees will be.


7 Day Grace Period and Restocking Fee

We all make mistakes at times when placing orders! If you find that you have erred and need to send some of your product back to Vapor Shark corporate, you now have a 7 day, no questions asked, grace period from the day you receive an order to return eligible product to Vapor Shark corporate.

All eligible returns (within the allowable 7 day grace period) are subject to a restocking fee.

Any request made AFTER the 7th day will NOT BE APPROVED.

Up to 10 items (Hardware, e-liquid or a combination of the two): $10.00 Flat Fee.

Any return of 10 items or more will be assessed as follows:
• $10.00 Flat Fee plus $0.50 per item beginning after the tenth item (Hardware, E-liquid or a combination of the two):
• For example: If your return consists 5 e-liquid bottles, 2 packs of atomizer coils, 6 batteries and 2 mods for a total of 15 items, you will be assessed as follows:
• First 10 items, flat fee of $10.00, plus 5 additional items (5 x $0.50 = $2.50) = $12.50 Total Restock Fee



Vapor Shark E-Liquid

Vapor Shark e-liquid can ALWAYS be returned for short expiration time (90 days from expiration date) or for bottles received damaged. If bottles were received damaged, please take pictures of the state of your package at time of delivery and provide them with your RMA claim. We will replace or credit your account for these WITH NO RE-STOCK FEE ASSESSMENT.

3rd Party E-Liquids
Claims for 3rd Party e-Liquids are handled differently than Vapor Shark e-Liquid. Any damaged, short expiration (90 days from expiration date) or visibly contaminated e-Liquid claim for 3rd Party e-Liquids MUST be requested within 48 hours of receipt of your order.
Why 48 hours? The 48 hour window will allow us to verify whether the bottles in the pull-bins your order was fulfilled from demonstrate similar defects or issues as to what you are claiming to be wrong with your received order. Any claim made after 48 hours of receipt will not be accepted. No exceptions.
Any third party e-liquid can be returned due to short expiration if it is delivered to you with a 3-month or less shelf life.
Bottles received broken or damaged - please send pictures of the opened box as received.
Visibly contaminated, unopened e-Liquid.
The ONLY valid reasons for 3rd Party e-Liquid returns outside of the 7 day grace period is in the case of a Manufacturer Recall.
IMPORTANT NOTE: 3rd Party e-Liquids will come in and out of our e-Liquid line-up & rotation to allow for updates and to refresh our e-Liquid offering. Once Vapor Shark announces an e-Liquid as DISCONTINUED, it DOES NOT mean that it is eligible for return and is EXCLUDED from the 7 day grace period.


Hardware - Any item being returned within the 7 day period MUST BE UNOPENED, UNUSED and SEALED AS RECEIVED FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

Manufacturer Recall - Any item recalled by a manufacturer is immediately eligible for full refund or exchange.



RMA for Returns or Defective Returns - Log onto http://vaporshark.com/wholesale, go to My Account and choose RMA from the drop down menu on the left hand side.
Next, choose Request New RMA on the upper right hand side of the RMA page to begin the Return or Defective Return RMA process.
On the Order drop down menu, choose from your previously purchased orders and select the order number that relates to you having purchased the product being claimed as defective or being returned within the 7 day grace period. If you don’t know the order number your Return or Defective Return relates to, please go to My Orders and search for the appropriate order number prior to continuing the RMA process.
Choose the product you are returning or claiming as defective from your wholesale order.
If product is determined to be defective, select DEFECTIVE as the reason and choose Store Credit. Make certain that your customer has provided you with:

• Original Product Packaging
• Receipt/Proof of Purchase
• Picture or Video demonstrating the defect
• A detailed explanation accompanying the defective product and visual context.
• Note that coils are NOT eligible for Defective Returns UNLESS there is a manufacturer recall.
• If product is being returned in good condition within the 7 day allowable grace period, simply select RETURN as the reason and choose Store Credit.

RMA Approval

The approval process will be handled by our wholesale team. If you are missing any documentation or images, you will be prompted to provide these for approval. Once all the necessary documentation and images/pictures are received, your RMA will be approved. Your RMA will only be denied if you have fallen outside the 7 day grace period upon requesting your Return or if you are missing requirements from the Defective Return process.

• Shipping or Delivering your Returned or Defective Returned Product - Please note the following:
• ONLY Defective Returns will be issued Pre-Paid Labels. You will receive a Pre-Paid shipping label if you deem the customer’s return defective.
• All returns being made within the 7 day grace period will be shipped at your expense.
• Once you have received an RMA Approval and Acceptance response, you may ship the product to VS corporate attention Wholesale and reference your RMA #.
• When shipping your package for return, include a copy of the VS approved RMA email.. DO NOT SHIP or PERSONALLY DELIVER RETURN/DEFECTIVE ITEMS UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED AN APPROVAL EMAIL TO DO SO WITH THE VS RMA #. >>Any product shipped without a VS RMA# will not be accepted and will be shipped back to you at your expense.
Packaging your Returns for Shipping - Use care when shipping returns.

• When shipping e-liquids, make sure they are carefully packaged and properly gridded. Any e-liquid received damaged or broken and any accompanying product that is damaged due to your shipping method will not be credited to your account. This includes other hardware or previously undamaged product that you may return along with e-liquid if said e-liquid is incorrectly packaged, breaks and thereby damages other product during shipping which you may have packaged in the same box.
• When shipping batteries they must be in a container approved for battery storage or otherwise assure that battery ends are not allowed to make contact with each other or any conductive metals or materials.
• When shipping returns at your expense, please provide the package’s tracking number during the RMA process.
• Credit or Refunds for Approved Returns - Once we have received, reviewed and inventorized your product, you will be credited or refunded the total of well received, undamaged product. The restocking fees will be assessed from this credit. An email will be sent once credit has been applied to your account noting both the amount of the credit and the amount of the restocking fee that was assessed from your credit.
• Credit for Approved Defective Returns - Once we have received, reviewed, inventorized and tested your returned Defective product, you will be credited the total for the Defective product.
• If product is in fact not defective, it will not credited.
• You will receive an email once credit for your Defective Returns is applied.