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Minnow Battery

Quick Overview

This is the Vapor Shark® Minnow Battery.

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Quick Overview

This is the Vapor Shark® Minnow Battery.
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This is the Vapor Shark® Minnow Battery.

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Manufacturer vshardware

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  1. Great Product but Disappointed review by Jack on 12/30/2015

    Bought a RDNA 40 a year ago and liked it so much (even though the finish started coming off right out of the gate) that I bought another unit on black friday sale 2015. One month later USB charging port went gunny bag on first unit! Glad I had a spare! Decided to send first unit in for case replacement and found out would cost $39.99 for case replacement plus $30.99 for changing USB port! Great product but unreasonable repair cost. Will try Hana Modz next time!

  2. DNA 40 review by Cody on 11/28/2015

    Still have my mine to this day,one of the og rDNA 40! I love mine and it my go to for daily use!

  3. Awesome review by Ihsan on 9/22/2015

    Very nice, with brillipower 40a'

  4. Great Mod minus inaccurate batt status review by AC on 9/14/2015

    I love my Rdna 40, only issue i have is the battery status is not accurate and unreliable. But thats ok bc i usually have a good grasp on how much power i have based on my usage. OH and not to mention I dont feel comfortable shopping or sending my mod back to Vaporshark BC my CC info was used to buy $1,000 at a walmart site. and yes it was leaked or used by VS whether by accident by a program or purposely by an employee. really sucks

  5. Great box mod. review by Joe on 8/13/2015

    I have been vaping for a while and have tried various mods I have to say this has been the best experience in my vaping so far. I got the the rDNA 40 with the protective cover and nickel wire 28 gauge to build my own coils in my Kanger SubTank Mini also got the wireless charger and the Cotton Bacon which makes a major difference in taste and wicking. The wireless charger is a nice feature but you will find to mod does get warm when using it. If you charge from the side port the mod does not get warm. The battery life is great. The rDNA 40 is the perfect size the display is large and easy to see and customize your settings. I find my juices taste better and milder and consistent since using the rDNA 40. I feel a temperature device like the rDNA 40 will provide you with great vaping experience. Get the Cotton Bacon it is easier to work with (the strand design) it wicks better and gives a purer taste to your juices, there is plenty of cotton in the package and should last you a while. If you can't build your own coils yet then get the atomizers that are nickel built for your appropriate tank if it can use nickel. If pre built nickel atomizers are not made for your tank then look at the Kanger Sub Tank (that comes with a RBA if you decide to try building coils later) or Aspire Atlantis (only can use pre built atomizers) are two models Vapor Shark carries that you can get the prebuilt nickel atomizers for example.

  6. Good when it wants to be review by Ryan on 7/6/2015

    This device is great when it's not telling the user the atty is bad when that sane atty will read and function on a different mod. This problem I've noticed is almost exclusive to the Lemo 2, whether built with nickel OR kanthal. This is a major con for me. I currently rotate four Lemo 2 atties. More often than not 1 or more will not get recognized by the device. That same atty can be put on another Evolv equipped mod and function perfectly. Based on the price point of this thing I can't in good conscience recommend it. Currently in the market for a Yihi SX-350J equipped device

  7. Fantastica review by Massimiliano on 6/26/2015

    Ciao io sono italiano,ma impazzisco per questa box fantasica,piccola ma con molta potenza!E' la box piu bella del mondo!Io svapo con atomizzatori genesis ( mesh ) e il DNA 40 e' perfetto!Vaporshark number one in the world!

  8. 5-Month Owner Review review by Monocle on 6/23/2015

    I cannot recommend that anyone purchase this. 5 Months after purchase the case is chipped and shoddy looking, the USB port has completely stopped charging, and the battery cover has been lost because it would fall off of the case every 5 minutes (the magnetic clasp is too weak to hold it on). I ordered a new USB port for $10 from the chip manufacturer Evolv, but it looks like Vapor Shark is using a custom USB port (that broke in 5 months of irregular use), so I'll have to use their $80 repair service for a $10 part that cost 25 cents to manufacture, one I'm capable of replacing myself.

  9. Best money I've ever spent review by Jake on 6/22/2015

    I bought the rdna40 about a week ago I run a black horse with nickel and temp control and absolutely love it, I've wasted a lot of money on mods I wasn't happy with and I'm glad I took the step to the rdna40.

  10. Fantastic review by HoustnWeHavUhoh on 6/17/2015

    This is is great. I've had it for about a week and I'm loving it. This thing is rock solid, the big screen is awesome, buttons are responsive, perfect size/placement. Size of the box is great too. I like smaller boxes. The LED around fire button is quite nice for charging, as its easy to see when it's finished. Love the texture of this device, rubbery feel without feeling cheap, does not slide off tables but does not stick to inside of your pocket. Some people complained of the magnet on battery hatch being too weak, Ive honestly never had a problem. LG battery that comes with it is awesome. This device works flawlessly in regular mode and temp control mode. Been loving temp control mode. Even in regular mode, its a great device. Step down is nice to have. Do not have landing pad, and have only been using a 1A charger so have not been able to experience ZIP charging unfortunately. Spoke with a REP and he said 2A charger is necessary to utilize the ZIP charging, however I did notice on the site the specs for landing pad state its 1A output. REP said it was a 2A output though. Nonetheless, still loving this box.

    Only complaints I have are the battery meter, which can be a little misleading. Once you understand how it works, it's not bad, but I noticed after charging it still said battery was low. After putting on a tank and clicking the fire button, it jumped to full.

    Also there have been a few screen glitches. Doesn't seem to affect the performance whatsoever, however, sometimes the lower half of the wattage LEDS will distort when firing. Another thing I noticed (only happened once), was with a nickel build, after setting it to temp control and firing it, the temperature read out would start to climb and then disappear all together. It would only happen with one nickel build, but it did worry me at first because it made me think it was not in temp control mode. After letting off the fire button the temperature I set it to would reappear, but would only show for a brief second when I did fire it. I thought I had a loose lead or something but everything was fine.

    All in all fantastic box. Works great in regular and temp mode. The screen glitches kind of bugged me but they're few and far between. If the temperature disappearing starts to happen again, I will worry and maybe reach out, but so far no problems!

  11. Best mod out imo!!!! Getting more!!! (RDNA49) review by Jon on 6/15/2015

    Love the device. Evolv needs to fix the random board glitches but regardless are the best out iMo. Want 450 of them lol. Use them w my Zenith V2 & 2.5's, Silverplay V1 & 2, Subtank mini w the RDA Deck w 28g nickel or the nickel heads that I rebuild simply, the Arctic tank w nickel heads, Lemo drop and Lemo 2 and LOVE VS!!!!

  12. A worthwhile purchase review by DjAnnexAlpha on 5/28/2015

    Went from the original Vaporshark Pen, then the VV Pen, then the Istick20W, then the Kanger Kbox 40W, then the Istick50W, and now I am here. This box mod is leaps and bounds ahead of many other box mods. The only downside I see, is the fact that you can't use two batteries but other than that, its great! It lasts me all day using my Subtank Mini with the 0.5 ohm coils going at 22 watts.

  13. One of the Best review by Alton C on 5/24/2015

    I've been using a Sigelei 150w, Smoktech M65,
    Aspire CF SubQ, the mighty SXMini M and of course my rDNA 40. Every single time, I will reach for my rDNA first. It's dependable, easy to use nice looking, AND it charges remarkably fast!! I'm not complaining about any of the others. The SX Mini is an awesome machine. But I love my rDNA.

  14. Substandard build quality at premium price.... review by Disappointed with Boca Raton Vaposhark on 5/20/2015

    Bought a DNA 40 2 months ago and the outer paint is crumbling and falling off everywhere coupled with the LCD fritzing out and sometimes not showing anything or scrambled display. Given I use it daily I take extra care of it (as the sucker set me back $200....) and the thing looks horrible and it is only 2 months old. Took it back to the store today and they sorry but we can't do anything. They then told me I must have done something to it and that heat makes the paint fall off (Hello I live in South Florida....). They want a premium price for their product yet don't stand behind the quality. My suggestion for the kind of money they want for this mod (which I must admit when LCD not on the fritz physically works well) you can purchase just about any other quality mod on market (if not 2) for $200. Really disappointed in Vaposhark and frankly don't see them surviving the competitive world of vaping as they don't stand behind their products (not even their flagship model) and will hide behind some legalese rather than honor the 120 day guarantee they are so keen to inform you of when you buy. Steer clear of Vaporshark

  15. Awesome!!! review by Jeff on 5/10/2015

    I bought this as my first upgrade from vaping on an ego style set up. I wanted to do it right the first time and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. I try to charge my batteries on the charger I bought from here, but also got the 2 amp adapter and it's come in handy a few times when I've spaced off my charging routine and needed to charge a battery fast. I love the free shipping on relatively small orders and the customer service is second to none. I'm what is commonly referred to as a newbie and have had some pretty ignorant questions I've emailed to vapor shark. These guys always get back to me promptly and answer my questions in a respectful manner. I'm glad I made my purchase here instead of getting a knock off somewhere else. Thanks again Vapor Shark for the great products and excellent customer service.

  16. great box mod review by Brandon on 5/9/2015

    I'm new to the box mob world I first order the vs dna 30 I loved it but not the battery life. So I decided to try the rdna 40 since everyone is talking about how great this thing is! Yes this thing is totally alsome great battery life I can vape all day with no worries about having to charge the battery at some point during the day. I work as a machinist and don't have the access to charge it up. Anyway thanks vs. For a great vaping day and for the fast shipping!

  17. Is two enough? review by Howard on 5/7/2015

    Coming from the dna30 I knew what to expect; amazing quality, imaginative design and a perfect hit every time. One of the 40s I have dedicated to my favorite juices with a Nautilus 1.6. My newest dna is on pre-made nickel subtank coils and the performance is beyond my expectations. Instant yet controlled. This is the one device that elevates the vaping experience.

  18. Perfect Nickel Micro Coil, rDNA40 & Joyetech Delta II review by gisz on 5/2/2015

  19. Awesome! Buy it! review by medic mitch on 4/25/2015

    I've been watching other experienced vapors going to the sub-tanks and the high powered box mods for a while now. After hours of watching vape vids and reading blogs, I ordered it. Fast shipping! Staff answers all questions promptly. And, no issues with the battery door. The rDNA 40w is a super-high quality product. It'll take some practice to use it, and I'm fine with that. . Verdict? Just order it.

  20. WOW review by Blake on 4/24/2015

    So first of all, i'm running the rdna 40 with the sub tank mini using the nickel occ heads in temperature control mode. This is a message to all vaporizer manufactures. Good luck beating that set up. I've gone through quite a few set ups so far, rda's, tanks, you name it. And I know all this is personal preference, but I doubt this set up will get topped any time soon. Its basically an rda with a tank, and the rdna 40 makes it all possible. The temp control mode allows you to take really long hits with no worries of a dry hit. Giving me an authentic rda experience without worrying about dripping. I don't think I can go back to normal kanthal vaping anymore lol. Without hesitation id buy another one of these if I had to.

  21. Powerful, Stealthy, Solid review by DMcD on 4/20/2015

    This is device is excellent! This is the best value for a DNA40 device in my opinon. It has the zip-charching capability which far exceeds the charging performance of any other DNA40 device. I get so many people asking me about it when I go to a local vape shop. I could not be happier. I will purchase the Atlantis temp-control coils soon so I can take advantage of that feature. Keep up the good work Vaporshark!

  22. Love this device review by Mr. Outlaw on 4/13/2015

    I purchased this from a local vaporshark B&M and am in love with it. Actually getting rid of my provari p3 because I like the temp control. It takes a little trial and error to work with the ni200 but once you get it, you'll never go back. My first unit had the screen glitch issue, and they happily replaced it immediately. I did a full review on my youtube channel,

  23. Probably the best mod I own review by Scott on 4/9/2015

    I've been vaping on a daily basis since January when I quit smoking. I have four mods and this is my favorite and my only temperature sensing mod. I love how fast it charges, the coating they put on it and the size it doesn't feel like it's going to slip right out of your hand. I also like the fact that Evov worked with some companies and put out premade coils for popular tanks. I use ththe Kanger SubTank temperature sensing coils and they're great.

  24. Current go to device. review by Don on 4/4/2015

    The rDNA has been my absolute go to device, this review is about the Vapor Shark and NOT the DNA40. Based on that I will not write about the faulty boards however I will attempt to thorough. The rDNA has a very compact design, so it fits in the hand and pocket nicely. If you take the time to watch some videos online of rDNA tear downs (not recommended under warranty) you can see their internal design. For someone who has tried to make a small box, this made me tear. I loved the design! You are able to work on the mod on all aspects due to the fact nothing is glued in with strong epoxy but instead the actual metal design tends to hold everything in place. The 510 connection feel very solid and the charging works perfectly. Even though this device is practically perfect there are a few things and one design flaw I didn't like. The design flaw I felt was a flaw was how the parts meet the main body section up near the 510. Now you could always say not to over drip or leave attys on there but the fact is even if something does leak or builds up there is a space there for eliquid to run through. I haven't had any issue with it but I keep conscience about it and I know it's there, but if it weren't it wouldn't be a problem. Something else I did not like was the paint they chose. The rDNA uses some sort of rubber pain, makes it tough just to toss in the pocket(let alone with the silicone case -_-). My rDNA has NEVER been dropped or slid around any counter but I believe I baby it and there is still pain chipping and some got scratched off when I was removing an atty. The paint tends to scuff easily. The main power button does rattle and spin around and has also lost the majority of it's paint and is starting to look like I've used this thing longer than the 2-3 months I've had it. I have seen some great pictures of people stripping their rDNA of the paint and buffing it or repainting in a color of their choice and it calls for something of beauty. I know people gripe about the magnet the mod has and claim it's weak, which no doubt it is, but I haven't had nearly as many issues they talk about with the door sliding when I using it without a case at my desk when I am home. I am more concerned about the paint on my mod than I am the "crack" persay that eventually my "premium" investment may look like something I overpayed for. None the less this is a FANTASTIC mod especially paired with the DNA40 chip. My rDNA did not experience the screen issues or anything of the such. If I got robbed today and lost my shark would I go out and spend the money on another? Absolutely.

  25. Edited Review review by Marie on 4/3/2015

    After 7 weeks, my device display started having issues, and it was starting to malfunction. Called Vaporshark and went over the issues and problems going on with it, and they sent me a shipping label, Mailed it out on Friday 3/27 and ONE WEEK LATER to my surprise, got a spanking new device in the mail. Customer service is top notch. Looking forward to doing business in the years to come!

  26. Great Mod!!! review by RooneuGuh on 3/31/2015

    I received my rDNA 40 a few days after ordering (did not take even close to 30 days). This is without a doubt, the best Mod that I own. I highly recommend this device.
    My rDNA 40 has a build date of 3/03/15 and I have not had any issues with the chip so far, only a really great Vaping experience.
    Additionally, customer service has been fantastic, extra thanks to Mike who has been returning my emails quickly and professionally.
    Thanks VaporShark!

  27. Very good device review by Eric on 3/31/2015

    Been using mine for about a month, the only issue I've had is the smoky mirror finish on the fire button wore off after only a few days and now looks like stainless steel. Other than that tiny issue, it has worked very well.

  28. Great review by Kyle on 3/30/2015

    Had the shark 3days now and great performance and battery life could not be happier. The shipping situation was a little frustrating but nothing to get worked up about. I would recommend to anyone. Very happy I made this purchase.

  29. Worth the Wait!!! review by Hitman on 2/27/2015

    I read various reviews, did research and FINALLY! I bought this amazing device. I love it! My wife is jealous and wants one too already replacing her S-mini 30w that came the same day as my Vaporshark rDNA40. Thanks, now I have to buy another one! Soon to be 2 happy customers.

  30. Amazing! review by Andrew on 2/26/2015

    I love this thing! Very, very impressive if you have any doubts about having to wait for it for 30 days believe me it's 100% worth the wait.

  31. SIMPLY AWESOME!!! review by Marie on 2/23/2015

    Straight outta the box, this thing is a monster! Bought this with the Kanger Subtank Mini, and this thing produces giant clouds of vapor and tons of flavor!!! Very happy with this device!

  32. the best device review by Ryan on 2/13/2015

    vaporshark, nothing compares as far as durability and quality is concerned. Innovators of the industry. This is my third vaporshark I've owned them all now. THE BEST.PERIOD.

  33. my go to mod review by tony on 2/10/2015

    This product is proof that vapor shark and evolv stand behind their product. The day it was announced I immediately jumped on the preorder for multiple devices. My first was flawless the next two were faulty. One phone call and a swap out problem, solved. No questions asked and hassle free. I have several devices 2 are from profane, and in my experience provape could learn a few things about customer service from vapor shark.
    Not only has the board changed the way I vape, but the mod is elegant, great feel, and damn nice.
    Any patty I reach for firs flush against the mod, battery change is a snap, wireless charging makes it a pleasure to use throughout the day and knowing the company stands behind the product is a HUGE bonus.

  34. Worth Every Penny!! review by PhillySubSailor on 2/6/2015

    I was lucky enough to find a Vapor Shark rDNA 40 at a local B&M. My very first impression was the size, I couldn't believe how small it was. Once I held it in my hand I knew I had made the right choice before even using it. It fits perfectly in my hand, I hit the fire button with my thumb. It was masterfully designed for sure...

    The DNA 40 chip has been working as advertized! I'm using a 28g NI200 build and not once have I received a dry hit. The only thing that happens is I get a loss of flavor but anything is better then a dry hit.

    This unit feels SOLID! It doesn't slip from my hand due to the coating Vapor Shark uses. I was looking at other DNA 40 MODS that cost way more then the Vapor Shark rDNA 40, and I I found this to be a better quality build. I'm glad I purchased the Vapor Shark and highly recommend this MOD. Great work!!

  35. Amazing device, compact, rugged and beautiful in the hand. review by Todd on 2/2/2015

    Have never felt a mod this nice, I know a lot of people still rate mechs, and are saying that nothing feels or runs as nice as a mech, but this is a next level mod.

    Temp sensing/control, rugged material, compact box, beautiful power management and all of this in a device that fits in even a small hand, cannot go wrong!

  36. Excellent review by Jonan69 on 1/28/2015

    I own quite a few devices but this is my favorite. The new large screen and zip charging are great. But what really impresses me about this little device is the battery life you get from a single 18650 battery. I can talk about it all day but you'll never understand until you have one in your hand. Don't think twice, just get one you can thank me later.
    Great work VS keep up the excellent product and customer service

  37. The Perfect Device! review by M3mojo on 1/28/2015

    I have been vaping mech mods with sub-ohm dual and quad coils for several years now and I have been holding out for the one VV mod that can handle my coils and has all of the features I want. I am really glad I did! This DNA 40 mod has a battery door for quick battery changes, a USB port, and integrated wireless charging and I use all of those features. The LCD is clear and large. The buttons are clicky and positive. The exterior is non-slip. I placed my CATS .5 ohm quad on it, started at 25w and adjusted from there and it fires immediately with no delay whatsoever. My next builds will be with nickel wire for temp regulation although I have to say that it fires so consistently that I dont have any cotton burn issues now. This is hands down the best VV mod in my opinion. No compromises! Buy one and you wont be disappointed!

  38. RDNA40 review by MICHAEL on 1/27/2015

    I dont review many products but had to do this one.This was worth the wait what a well built device easy to read big screen,bulit in charger and comes with the bat.complete package at a great price.I am vapping a k-fun light + at 0.16 420deg at 14 watts grants custard and flavor is great.Will be buying one more soon. Nice Job vapershark.

  39. absolutely stellar review by scotty777 on 1/25/2015

    well worth the wait to get this bad boy in! quality is outstanding , battery life lasts all day and strong, using the temperature control with nickel wire is revolutionary , one of the best vapes i've had in awhile. could not be happier with my purchase! thanks vaporshark for this amazing product!

  40. AWESOME !! review by banjoman on 1/23/2015

    I've had my rdna 40 about a month now and it is THE BEST Vaping Experience I've ever had ! I've been vaping for 6yrs. and I have many mechs and a provari v2 . The rdna40 makes them obsolete. A lot of people complain about the Temp Mode and using nickel wire. I find it very easy to work with on the build. Rewicking requires a little care but overall it's worth it ! Flavor is amazing, the device works perfectly and is totally awesome in standard mode. This is THE BEST device on the market IMO. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !

  41. Amazing review by Tomanrey on 1/19/2015

    This box is amazing !!!
    well made, powerful (40w is enough for me)
    the buttons are very nice (clicky and soft in the same time)
    the adjustable pin connector is nice and fits with all my atomizers
    the black finish and the texture are beautiful and nice in hand
    the magnet for the battery is very useful, strong enough to hold without any problem.
    the only thing that I don't like is the fact that when you're not using this box, le battery life discharge by itself, not that much but it's good to know so BUY IT and don't forget to charge it when you go to sleep ;-)
    Thanks a lot vaporshark for this great product.

  42. Its Amazing review by Daniel on 1/12/2015

    i just received the rDNA 40 today and so far i love it, i ordered it on black friday so that deal made it even better. This vw box mod is great ive owned a couple other vw mods that didnt have the evolv chip in it and they lack overall to this chip. The vapor shark design is sleek and fits perfectly in my hand and its alot studier than it looks. it has a great weight to it and its already my favorite mod. great job to the staff and makers of this mod. highly reccomend this mod to anyone looking for a great vaping experience.

  43. Schweet review by Jesswee on 1/9/2015

    Got mine in November. Had to wait until Christmas to open it! Removal ribbon is @ 3/8" too long so it gets caught up in the cover when closing. Had to trim a little and of course that leads to fraying : ( And that is the only flaw : ) Dropped it twice already with no issues other than paint/metal dings : ( Have not had the opportunity to build a Nickel wire set up yet. So I am kind of wasting your time right. You know what you have if you bought one! This is my first Evolv mod. It is instant on essentially, rugged, compact and versatile for everything 510, EXTREMELY HAPPY !!!

  44. Love it! review by Kimberly on 1/4/2015

    My first RDNA 40 had to be RMAed because of a faulty board. Vaporshark handled it professionally sending me a return label, great customer service. The replacement is working great! I love this device It's built solid while maintaining a small form factor.

  45. Nice mod review by Sam on 12/25/2014

    Nice and small power of 40 watts but in temperature settings and to have no burning of wicks only down fall I am having is to use a new coil with every temperature coil recotton this mod is better then my sigelei 100w I have to I get my Square authentic I am stuck using kathal because I don't have any single coil rdas that build right with nickel other the cltv2 but it gots too much air flow would recommend buying this mod if you want to wait upto 30days

  46. Slam Dunk review by TBJB on 12/15/2014

    I received my preorder rDNA a few weeks ago and have been using it exclusively ever since. The chip has performed flawlessly so far, and the temperature protection is everything I hoped it would be. The magnetic door is a huge convenience, and is built well.

    The only thing that has shown signs of wear so far is the black finish on some edges. This can be prevented by using a shark skin with the device. If you really want to keep the device pristine, the finish around the 510 connection can be spared by using a 510-to-510 or 510-to-ego adapter.

    All in all, the small form factor, multiple charging methods, easy battery access, sturdy build, and price point make this the best value I've found for a DNA 40D device so far.

  47. Sleek, small, ergornamic, powerful review by JG on 11/28/2014

    First off this little box has replaced my daily go to mod that starts with a P. The new dna 40 chip is great. I do not think I can go back to kanthal after using the temp control feature. My build lasts longer and cleaner.

    The maganets on the battery door love it so easy to change batteries not like I need to with the built wireless charging at my desk.

    I do believe I will order another one. The button has a nice click. Screen is nice. Fast shipping. I can not put this down. Love it, love it, love it.

  48. Dna 40 review by James on 11/26/2014

    Awesome product! Build quality is top notch!

  49. RDNA 40 Review review by Juicepup on 11/15/2014

    When I thought the RDNA 30 couldn't get any better, Vapor Shark produces the new RDNA 40.

    This products new magnet door really makes it easy to remove the battery without using tools. The new paint type is very nice and feels better than the DNA 30's paint (which left finger prints and oils from your skin on the surface).

    The product has a perfect 510 that works with all my RDA/RTA devices. Vapor Shark has done it again with this device packing 40 "True" watts into soemthing that is the same size as two lighters.

    Good job Vapor Shark on this worthy product!

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