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VS-ONE™ 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery


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The VS-ONE™ 1100 mAh Variable Voltage Battery allows you to control the strength and intensity of each hit. It also serves as a longer-lasting replacement or backup for the 900 mAh batteries included in every Starter Kit. A fully charged 1100 mAh battery will yield more puffs and provide longer hours of vaping time when compared to the stock 900mAh battery. The Variable Voltage Battery does not feature a USB pass-through capability and cannot be used while charging. They can be charged by screwing the battery onto a VS-ONE™ USB Charger. *(Not Included)

Simply connect the 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery to your atomizer, and you're ready to go!


VS-ONE™ 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery

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VS-ONE™ 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery


If you already own a Vapor Shark Electronic Cigarette Kit, then the VS-ONE™ 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery will make for a good replacement or upgrade if you want to make sure that your electronic cigarette never runs out of power when you need it. It's perfectly compatible with Vapor Shark atomizers and is designed with a variable voltage feature that allows you to control the power output. Being able to adjust the power allows you to adjust the strength and intensity of each hit so you can get the exact amount of vapor you want.

The VS-ONE™ 1100mAh Variable Voltage Battery offers a power source that can produce an output between 3.2 and 4.6 volts and features an LED power level indicator to let you know when you need to plug in and charge. The 1100mAh capacity is rated to last longer than the standard 900mAh batteries, and can last more than a full day, depending on frequency of use.

Despite their reusability, rechargeable batteries won't last forever, and should be replaced when performance starts to wane. This battery is designed to perfectly work with atomizers bundled with your Vapor Shark Electronic Cigarette Kit—including the high-performance Vapor Shark GLASS®—and can be bought as a replacement for a worn down power source. This replacement battery is available in five different colors, allowing you to customize your kit when it's time for a replacement or upgrade. The package does not include a charger, but you can order a USB Screw Charger along with this battery for $9.99.

For any questions regarding details of our replacement batteries as well as any of our other products or accessories, you can email support@vaporshark.comor call 855-827-3669 for more information.

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