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Seriously, our E-Liquid is damn tasty!

From rich flavors of heirloom quality tobacco to the purest extract of aged vanilla, our Premium E-Liquids are made with the finest ingredients available. We pride ourselves on developing flavors people actually enjoy.

Smoking Reinvented. We are all about Quality.

Too many times have we ordered an e-liquid online, or grabbed one at the mall only to find out it was just plain nasty. We are constantly searching for new flavors and extracts to improve our products. Our Premium E-Liquids are made with only the finest American made ingredients, and we never skimp on flavor. We create one of a kind flavors that deliver nicotine in the safest, most enjoyable way.

Our Premium E-Liquid Selection

Over 30 flavors in various nicotine levels. Click any of the flavors below to taste the difference!

Original E-Liquid Winsten E-Liquid Brazilian Coffee E-Liquid Chocolate Caramel Truffle E-Liquid Brazilian Coffee E-Liquid Clove E-Liquid
Menthol E-Liquid Hurricane E-Liquid Summer Breeze E-Liquid Summer Breeze E-Liquid Jolly Rancher E-Liquid Summer Breeze E-Liquid
Menthol E-Liquid Pineapple Express E-Liquid Cherry Limeade E-Liquid Blueberry Waffle E-Liquid Miami Vice E-Liquid Nurdz E-Liquid
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