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Menthol (30ML)

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Like a breath of cool winter air, our Ultra Premium Menthol E-liquid has a crisp and clean taste without any of the irritants of our competitors. The formula is a harmonious blend of tobacco and menthol for a smooth flavor we're sure you'll enjoy.

Menthol (30ML)


We've captured the same cool, soothing taste of mentholated cigarettes in our Menthol Ultra Premium E-liquid to give you a vaping experience that's a lot better than smoking the real thing! Unlike cigarettes, our e-liquid does not produce substances that can irritate your throat so that you can have that pure refreshing taste you were meant to enjoy.

A dose of our menthol-flavored e-juice will surely leave your breath with an icy sensation we know you'd be craving for more. But for something that can give you a blast of arctic chill, you might want to try out our Extra Menthol e-liquid flavor. We also have a variety of tobacco-flavored e-liquid blends that will give you the same taste of cigarettes minus the messy ashes, offensive odors, and harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Here at Vapor Shark, we never skimp on the flavor of our e-liquid blends to make sure you get your nicotine fix in the most satisfying way possible. But we don't just stop at giving you the best tasting e-liquid. Our products don't contain food coloring and DEG, and we adhere to strict quality control standards to deliver you products that are guaranteed safe for use.

Looking for more icy flavors? Treat yourself to our Pinky Menthol and Nurdz Menthol e-liquid blends for a cool, sweet taste you'd certainly enjoy. We've also got a wide array of Ultra Premium E-Liquid flavors including tropical fruit, candy, soft drink, and more for you to explore. You certainly won't run out of delicious e-liquid flavors here at Vapor Shark!

Got any questions about our products or suggestions you'd like to share? Feel free to email or call 855-827-3669. We'd love to hear from you!

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