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Vapor Shark GLASS®

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Introducing GLASS® by Vapor Shark. This clearomizer contains the latest technological advancements in the electronic cigarette market. Vapor Shark GLASS® comes with atomizer heads that feature a bottom coil design for consistent performance to the very last drop. Priming the atomizer head is easier resulting in pureness of flavor. Pyrex glass and steel chrome give GLASS® its modern, sleek design. GLASS® is recommended for the more experienced vaper.

Our Vapor Shark GLASS® now contains Kanthal High Performance Atomizer Heads.Click here to learn more.

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Vapor Shark GLASS®


GLASS® by Vapor Shark is a new clearomizer that's designed with the latest in electronic cigarette technology. Designed for the more advanced e-cigarette user, Vapor Shark GLASS® includes a glass reservoir tank, Ego mount, and two Kanthal atomizer heads

GLASS® can be used with any existing Vapor Shark electronic cigarette starter kit. The components are manufactured with premium build quality and cutting-edge designThis atomizer includes the tank, two atomizer heads, and the custom mount to ensure a perfect, snug fit. The reservoir tank, or tube, is made from high-quality Pyrex glass that's both heat-resistant and easy to clean. The tube is held in place by upper and lower connectors lined with rubber ring seals to prevent leaking. It’s designed with a chrome finish to give it a sleek, clean, modern look. The package also includes a standard mouthpiece or "drip tip."

The bottom coil design gives users the ability to fill it with more e-liquid, allowing for more draws before needing to refill it again. The clear tank makes it even more convenient to use, since it allows you to see how much e-liquid you have left to make sure that the wick doesn't go dry..

For those looking for better performance, you'll be happy to know that we've recently upgraded our GLASS® atomizer heads with high performance KANTHAL-1 resistance wire. Known to perform better than the usual Nichrome wire, this new resistance wire is machine-wound around the wick with precision, and distributes heat more easily to produce more flavor and vapor with each draw. GLASS® is available in a standard 2.5 ohm package, which is best for kits that feature a variable voltage battery, as well as a version with a 1.8 ohm resistance for a warmer, stronger draw.

The accessory kit will also let you choose a glass tank in different colors besides the standard clear tube, and includes an option for adding a Silencer Mouthpiece that's also available in different colors for those who want to go for a custom look.

For any questions about our GLASS® clearomizer as well as any of our other products, you can email support@vaporshark.comor call 855-827-3669.

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